Mandarin Resources & Links

A collection of links and resources that MIP families have found useful. If there are any websites you would recommend for us, please contact us!

Immersion Parent Support

  • Mandarin Immersion Parent Support - links from the Mandarin Immersion Parent Support (MIPS), providing educational resources for fellow families studying Mandarin.

Online Mandarin Dictionaries

  • Online Chinese Dictionary with ability to hear the word spoken.
  • Online Chinese Dictionary with character etymology (history) and stroke order shown. Must pay a fee or purchase something to be able to hear the word spoken however. Still an awesome site to learn details about the characters.
  • (formerly GRAPHIC Online Dictionary where you can DRAW the Mandarin character to look for it. You can look up words by drawing, or Pinyin or English. Once you find it you can see the etymology of the character, the radicals, the meaning and the stroke order. (To DRAW it is important to know the stroke order to find the character.)

Mandarin Learning Online

  • Stroke Order of Mandarin Chinese Characters - Wikipedia entry on stroke order. Stroke order is very important because it defines how Chinese characters are organized in dictionaries and lists (like alphabetical order is important for English characters).
  • Practice Pin Yin at New Concepts Mandarin Website
  • Active Chinese : Online Mandarin lessons and activities from grades K-12. The Active Chinese Kid's Edition was created by a dedicated team of bilingual educators, designers and artists to bring Mandarin to non-Mandarin speaking children. By entering the world of the "Enchanted Forest", your student or child can learn to speak, read, and write Mandarin an engaging and fun language environment. There is a demo you can view at their website. It is a paid for online service.

Cross- Cultural Learning

Places to Buy Mandarin Books, Movies and Learning Materials

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