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Tips for Helping Kids at Home

Help by exposing them to Mandarin as much as possible. For example, find movies in Mandarin, or play audio CD stories, read, or play games.

Check their homework everyday. Ask them to read to you aloud even if you don't understand them. If they don't know all the words on their homework have the kids circle those words and let the teacher know where your child stands in their learning.

Don't ask them to translate characters word for word for you. Often Mandarin does not easily translate directly to English. You want the student to remember the word in Mandarin, not convert it into English in their head each time.

Pay attention to what they have learned before. Keep their homework and school assignments that are sent home. Use them to review with them. Give them a chance to practice whenever possible.

If you speak Chinese (any dialect), speak with them and read to them. If not, ask them to summarize English stories in Mandarin for you. Have them read Mandarin to you, maybe teach you a few key words each time.

 If your child plays with other children who can speak Mandarin, ask them to use Mandarin whenever possible.

Get your own copy of our Mandarin Language Textbooks/Workbooks.

Use online Mandarin dictionaries and activities on rainy days, during homework, or while on summer vacation.

Have a binder for the year and a three hole punch. When they bring their school work home to keep, use the three hole punch on their vocabulary schoolwork and keep it in the binder. Use this to review for tests or over the summer.

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