Classroom Teacher Support

Shu Ren provides funding for all teachers at Woodstock as well as the MIP teachers at Hosford and Cleveland for classroom use in furthering Chinese cultural learning for Mandarin learners. Shu Ren also partners with the Woodstock PTA to provide refreshments during teacher conferences.

Some examples of ways teachers can utilize their classroom support funding include:

  • Visiting Chinese artist/art projects
  • Trip to the Chinese Garden (learning about planned gardens, Suzhou sister city partnership, plants)
  • Trip to Fubon Market (learn about foods from around the world, counting/math concepts)
  • Old Town Walking Tour (
  • Invite Portland Tai Chi Academy to visit class or several classes for the day.  
  • Invite a speaker to class to talk about Chinese History in Portland (Portland Chinatown History and Museum Association may have some leads for speakers)
  • The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent association has a museum in Chinatown, Chinese Brush Painting, and Lion Dance
  • Tour and learn about Hubers Restaurant, the oldest Chinese owned restaurant in Portland
  • “Gridded magic cloth” for practicing calligraphy (write with water/re-use)- available on Amazon

There are many many more options.  Teachers are encouraged to be creative in ways to enrich students with Chinese cultural learning opportunities.



  • 来访的中国艺术家/艺术项目
  • 这次来中国园林(学习计划的花园,苏州友好城市的合作伙伴关系,植物)
  • 旅富邦市场(了解来自世界各地的食品,计数/数学概念)
  • 老城步行游(
  • 邀请波特兰太极学院参观类或几类的一天。
  • 邀请扬声器上课谈中国历史在波特兰(波特兰中国城的历史和博物馆协会可能有一些线索扬声器)
  • 中国的公所在华埠,中国水墨画,以及舞狮博物馆
  • 参观并了解HÜBERS餐厅,中国最古老的餐厅拥有波特兰
  • “网格化魔布”为练习书法(水/再利用写) - 可以在亚马逊
  • 还有很多很多的选择。鼓励教师要在方式,丰富学生与中国文化的学习机会创意。
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