Chinese YoYo Club 2017 扯铃俱乐部

YoYo Club for the Fall of 2017 is CANCELLED due to lack of coaches and a logistics organizer.

The Shu Ren Chinese Yo-Yo Club is an after school program at Woodstock Elementary in Portland, Oregon with teachers from the Portland Chinese School. All neighborhood and immersion students in grades 1-8 are welcome!

The Chinese yo-yo, also known as "pulling bell", is an old toy first documented in a Song dynasty book. Another name for the Chinese yo-yo is the "diabolo". Chinese yo-yo is a type of palace art, which uses two small handles one in each hand pulling the strings to roll around the axis of the yo-yo. When the yo-yo is rolling quickly you will be able to hear a buzzing sound, the faster you pull the louder the sound. After balancing the yo-yo on the string, you can do many tricks.

Winter and Spring Sessions have previously  taken place on WEDNESDAYS from 4-5pm in Woodstock Elementary School Gym

Winter: NONE
Spring: NONE

Open to all students in grades 1-8

Cost: Shu Ren aims to sponsor the cost of yo-yo club coaches for members who have made an annual membership donation. This is dependent on meeting annual membership donation goals. 

If you are interested in becoming a coach or in organizing the logistics to make this opportunity available, please contact today!

PLEASE NOTE: CHILDCARE WILL NOT BE PROVIDED BETWEEN 2:30-4:00pm, however Chess Club is on the same day. 

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