Chinese Research Residency 8th Grade 中国研究居住8年级


The Chinese Research Residency (CRR) is a two-week program to our sister schools in Suzhou, China for 8th grade immersion students as part of their year-long Chinese Culture & Society course. While in Suzhou students engage in field studies, home stays, and produce a bilingual video documentary of their experiences, presented at the annual Capstone event. Chinese Culture & Society is organized and led by PPS teacher David Kojo Hakam 韩老师.



Shu Ren supports students and families to prepare for the costs associated with the CRR travel to Suzhou. The CRR is fully funded by parents through events and/or individual contributions and membership drives held to defray the out-of-pocket expense for individual families. Those contributions are placed in tax-deductible class savings accounts managed by Shu Ren beginning in Kindergarten to accrue over time until that class reaches 8th grade.

There are a number of ways that contributions are made to class saving accounts, including the 7th Grade Spring Event, Direct Donations, Class Specific Events and Activities, and an 8th grade Funding Ministry class.



7th Grade Spring Event

This has traditionally ranged from a more modest event like “Just Desserts” to a large-scale Gala, but the specific event is at the discretion of the class-year.



Class-Specific Activities

Class organized events or fundraisers have proceeds allocated by 90% to the class savings and 10% to the Shu Ren General Fund. Examples are holiday wreath and flower sales, umbrella sales, festivals and parties. Ideas for Shu Ren sponsored class events can be submitted online here.



8th Grade Funding Ministry Class

As part of the CRR program the class keeps 100% of proceeds from 8th grade learning activities (babysitting at meetings, selling refreshments at Dumpling Festival, marching in parades, etc.)



Direct donations to Class

Direct donations and employer charitable match contributions (identified as for a specific class year) are allocated to the class savings account at 100%.

All of these funding sources rely on parent and family involvement to raise funds. Shu Ren provides a non profit, tax free account for each class and stewardship over the funds raised. To learn more check the Shu Ren calendar for Parent Workshops held in the fall.



The Chinese Research Residency class of 2018 is excited to be preparing for their study in China! Please support our MIP students with a donation to their class fund:
Donations are tax-deductible under Shu Ren's 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Paypal collects a 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction fee with the nonprofit rate.
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