We are a nonprofit organization that supports the Mandarin Immersion Program at the Portland Public Schools of Woodstock Elementary School, Hosford Middle School and Cleveland High School.


我们支持普通话沉浸课程在波特兰公立学校 Woodstock 小学, Hosford 中学和, Cleveland 高中一个非盈利性组织.

  • Mandarin Chinese Learning

    Begins with much practice writing Chinese characters!

  • Shu Ren Supports...

    cross-cultural awareness.

  • Shu Ren Works

    with Portland Public Schools to support Mandarin Language Learning.

  • Our Mission includes

    supporting Chinese cultural knowledge for all students in our 3 schools.

  • Hosford Middle School

    is the Mandarin Immersion Program Middle School.

  • Woodstock Elementary

    is the Mandarin Immersion Program Elementary School.

  • We Support

    a multifaceted approach to learning.

  • Woodstock Mural

    shows a garden of Chinese and American children playing together.

  • Our Community

    as a child's drawing highlights our focus on multi-cultural learning.

  • Homework Help

    is one of the support functions of Shu Ren.

  • Cleveland High School

    is the Mandarin Immersion High School supported by Shu Ren.

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What's Happening:

The Chinese Research Residency class of 2018 is excited to be preparing for their study in China! Please support our MIP students with a donation to their class fund:
Donations are tax-deductible under Shu Ren's 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Paypal collects a 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction fee with the nonprofit rate.


Poster Contest 2018


Thank you all so much for participating in the 2018 Dumpling Festival/Chinese New Year Poster Contest!  We got 55 poster contest submissions!!  Last year was about 30!




WaWaYaYa Joy Reader

Shu Ren has partnered with Woodstock Elementary to renew access to the Joy Reader app. It is available on Apple and Android devices. Ask your Woodstock teacher how to access this resource.


WaWaYaYa JoyReader is a library of high-quality children’s content that will satisfy the reading needs of all children aged 3 to 12. Its wide-range of thoughtfully selected Chinese, English and bilingual (Chinese-English, English-Chinese) stories provide the richness of the languages in the most interesting and endearing ways to children who are at an age when they are most optimal in learning language skills. JoyReader provides children with various ways of engaging with the stories, to enhance their reading experiences so as to help them cultivate a good reading habit. JoyReader is a library that every school and home must have.
* High quality children stories by established and reputable publishers
* Chinese, English and bilingual (Chinese-English, English-Chinese) stories
* Read-to-Me function
* Video recording function
* Chinese dictionary with Chinese audio pronunciation and English definition.
* Chinese phonetic guide

Chinook Book purchase can still help Shu Ren

Did you miss the deadline to order your Chinook Book from Shu Ren? You can still renew your mobile app and support us all year long!

Already have the Chinook Book app on your mobile device? Renew your subscription via the app and benefit our fundraiser. Under Manage My Subscription enter Partner ID: “shurenofportland”.

Don’t have email on your phone? Don’t worry! Just go to chinookbookmobile.com to download the app. Go to the "Purchase Full Access" screen on the "More" menu to pay for your subscription and enter the Partner ID “shurenofportland” to have your purchase benefit the fundraiser. 

50% of proceeds benefit Shu Ren and activities like After-school Homework Help


A Parent's Guide to Mandarin Immersion

Shu Ren parents and caregivers have found this book so helpful in the challenging early years of helping their students with the challenging task of learning Mandarin Chinese, that we are now offering it to you! $6 of the price goes to Shu Ren of Portland. 

A Parent’s Guide covers:


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